NaBloPoMo: Change

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If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Because I am way too detailed, this question is seriously a toughie.

I can list a zillion things I wouldn’t change about myself. My strength. My faith. My hope. My determination. My dedication. My loyalty (although this one is really tough). My work ethic (again, a tough one right now). My love. My body (even if it goes up or down, it’s still MY body).

The physical stuff really makes no sense to change, I mean, I’ve been changing, so that’s a gimme in a way. My hair has been a piece of work forever. My feet can’t change (sorry, Dad, can’t wait to blog about this one!).

But perhaps I could change how hard I am on myself when any one of the things above slips or doesn’t perform to “the Becky Standard”. It’s true. I have a standard I hold myself too. And lately? It’s not been happening. I’ve let some things slip because all the other things have the priority.

Like this blog. My gmail account is crying. I haven’t checked out my bank account in weeks. Thank God I’ve paid the bills, regardless. I just need to find the right moment to get back in the swing of my new reality.

And I will. Because I just might change being so hard on me.

Thanks, NaBloPoMo Prompt for inspiring me to really think today, even if I didn’t give this post “the Becky Standard”. Smooches.

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