NaBloPoMo: 5 Things I’ve Learned

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Today’s Prompt: Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

I’ve decided to take a stab at this one via a list of five things.

1. My blogging hasn’t really been inspired by the daily prompts. I need to find time to write about passions, or to post some of the reviews I need to get through. These things inspire me. The daily prompts have been, well, okay.

2. I’ve pretty much been trying to consistently be a daily blogger for 2 years. This practice in NaBloPoMo hasn’t really taught me that. Blogging is like my drug, I kind of feel lost when I don’t do it. But now that I’m doing it, the quality has not been meeting “the Becky Standard”. Quality over quantity should always be the rule.

3. I’m still trying to post my normal stuff. Add a review day in and I post three times a day. My readership, while low as it is, has dropped off since NaBloPoMo, too. Insane!

4. Timing is everything. Here I am at 11:15 trying to push out a post because I promised to be part of something bigger. And I’ve really not left myself the time. Must. Schedule. More. Often.

5. Arianna’s learning about the blog. She’s very proud of her Flipeez post, and wants to do more. My passion is rubbing off on her, and I am quite okay with that.

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