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Just in time to help busy mom’s get ready for Valentine’s Day, My Valentine Mailbox is here to offer an alternative to making a Valentine box at home.

My Valentine Mailbox
My Valentine Mailbox


The My Valentine Mailbox brand is local to Pittsburgh (based in Wexford). They have created boxes that can be used for classroom Valentine exchanges and then as a treasure box afterwards. Or, use these for birthday party treat boxes instead!

The box is 10x8x4 inches and is easy to assemble. I did it in 30 seconds, with Arianna on my lap.

As for the quality of the box, this is a little bit thicker than a tissue box but not shoe box cardboard thick. With my kids, it probably would only last a day or two in their toy room before it got torn, but it would definitely work for a classroom exchange.

You can get your own My Valentine Mailbox in time for Valentine’s Day over at for $5.95. There is a free shipping offer through March 31, too. This box comes in six styles: Football, Rainforest, Basketball, Pop Star, Snowmen and Teddy Bear Picnic (shown above).

Arianna likes the box, but she may still end up making one for her exchange. But don’t worry. She has plans for this box – I just didn’t get to hear them yet. 😉

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