My Succulents

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I took (and posted) three selfies over on Instagram yesterday. When trying to find a photo to write about for this post, I was like, oops…share one of my succulents instead?

And then I got thinking about my succulents. They survive in drought and heat. They retain water for when they need it. They overcome (everything except for being eaten by a big, silly dog, RIP my first crop of Hens and Chicks). Wouldn’t you want to be like a succulent?

Not all are prickly like the commonly known cacti. Many flower or are beautiful shades of green and blue. I even found a variety that grows cobwebs. Diverse and beautiful, my succulents.

Kids, I hope you become like succulents. Physically, there are many benefits to drinking water (and your body will handle that what and when to do with it if you treat it right). Mentally, drink from the water of life and take in all you can, storing it until you need to use it. Be beautiful on the outside, yet with some roughness to ward of the enemies this world is sure to send your way. But most of all, be uniquely you, my succulents.


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