Mother’s Day Gifting Through the Years

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Enter disclaimer text There is something incredibly special about the Mother’s Day gifting of hand-drawn cards and hand-picked flowers from my kids. And I am sure that my own Mom enjoyed these sentimental things, too.

Mother’s Day Gifting

As the kids get older, I know those sweet gifts will be received less and less. Mother’s Day gifting really changes through the years, even as a mom myself, I’m not great at remembering to pick up something nice for my mom and mom-in-love when their holiday comes around.

Maybe this is the year that I’ll find a gift with a lasting impact. For me, I’m not big on having “stuff” (though if you stepped into my home office you’d disagree). I like things that have meaning and sentimental value. Something that can be personalized and displayed year-round? Things that last a lifetime or make mom think back to a precious moment with family.

Are you guessing what I’m suggesting this year? I’m thinking of printed photos – something that I am super behind on and something that I know my moms would both love.

Canvas Prints for Mother’s Day Gifting

Almost everyone who brews a coffee at our house compliments Evan and Greg’s hair in the canvas print that hangs over our Keurig. You really can’t miss it, and it’s definitely a gift that I hold dear. The thing is, it’s time to update it and get a new one there with the twins included, too! Don’t prints like this just make a great statement and take you back to a special moment in life?

And while the above is what I think of when I think canvas prints, I’m also loving the styling that can be done with multiple photos displayed together – really great to capture memories from multiple years or to include the favorite old prints mixed with the updated ones:

The pictures are samples of what you can get started as part of your Mother’s Day gifting this year by heading over to Canvas Pop and checking out what you can get printed for mom. It’s time to get your photos off your phone and on display. Let’s make this holiday a little more sentimental!

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