Mother Tucker

Caught your attention, huh? Mother Tucker.

My recent weight-struggles have kind of made me curse similar words lately. As a mom who is still in her 4th Trimester (shh, I know it’s been 6 months, but this trimester’s going to last awhile for me), my “new body” has a habit of catching attention. My butt’s back. And my chest. But then in between, there’s a saggy tummy with a lovely hernia sag.

As you can tell, there’s tons of reasons why baby five is out of the question if you get my drift.

Ok, enough self-hate and let’s get some self-love going on around here. I’ve found a way to sort of tame my tummy and thighs when I’m wearing the skirts and dresses to hide all my lovely lady lumps. Hello to the Mother Tucker Shorties from Belly Bandit.

The Mother Tucker Shorties aren’t the fat sucking contraptions I used to wear as a teen. They are comfortable. They stay put and don’t roll up (or down). They don’t require wiggling and waggling and rolling on my bed to pull up. And they haven’t been tucked in my purse midday because they feel good all day long. (Admit it. We’ve all done this, ladies.)

Have they done much to skinny down my thighs? Not yet, but they sure do contain all the wiggly parts that I am most self-conscious about post-babies. They’ve upped my confidence, and that in itself is a win.

I’d caution you that if you pair the Shorties with a shorter skirt, you might catch yourself sitting un-ladylike because you feel like you have shorts on. You can’t tell me that I am the only “lady” who didn’t practice crossing her legs growing up because it was too uncomfortable, right? (Now the keep ’em together and sweep to the side of my ankles? Yeah, I’ve got that.) Oops. At least as far as I know I haven’t flashed anyone yet.

Mother Tucker Shorties

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I wanted to show you the shorties, but I’m still working hard at looking good like that ^ again! 😉 

If you are a new mom (heck, aren’t all moms really “new” at this motherhood stuff because it’s all new every day?), what makes you most frantic about getting back into your routine? Is it trading in the yoga pants for skirts (like me)? Leaving baby with a caregiver? Making and keeping friends post-baby? Let’s be sure we’re connected on social media (TwitterFacebook) and talking about how we can tackle this motherhood thing together.

And if that means me asking you if my butt looks too big in a skirt, I am perfectly fine with you saying ‘Yes, honey. Go put on your Mother Tucker Shorties.’ (You can get your own pair at



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2 Responses to Mother Tucker

  1. CristinMcCloudMyers says:

    New reader! I need this and I don’t even have kids yet!

    • Becky says:

      Welcome! And I should have mentioned ANY woman can use these Shorties. They’re labeled as great “Before” and “After” pregnancy (but not during due to the tucker feature). Glad you stopped by!

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