Monster Jam Pittsburgh Wrap-Up

My eyes are burning from the dust and I might not have a voice tomorrow, but getting the opportunity to take all four kids to Monster Jam tonight was INCREDIBLE. We are thankful for our partnership with Feld that makes this possible and as always bring you our honest opinions.

Monster Jam Pittsburgh Wrap-Up

Triple Threat is in town for the weekend, bringing thrills in the form of Monster Trucks,  ATVs, and speedsters. With races, freestyle and donut competitions, the drivers behind Monster Jam rock the arena for two and a half hours!

The Bigs and Twins had an enjoyable time cheering on their favorites including a Pittsburgh local (Special Operations Black Ops), Monster Jam women Scoopy Doo and El Toro Loco, Zombie (Ava’s CLEAR favorite), and the legendary Grave Digger.

We covered most of our moments over on Instagram, but saved a few for you here. Read our original post to see how you can get tickets for the remaining Pittsburgh shows tomorrow and Sunday.

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