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It is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, in case you haven’t heard.

Since I gave been sick, my celebration will be appropriately limited to some chocolate chip lactation cookies, specifically from a Pittsburgh company, Monika’s Lactation Cookies.


I found Monika through the Mom Con last fall and couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome her cookies were. When I was given two more weeks to bring the twins’ weight up, I knew I needed to find her again. Of course, in true me style, I couldn’t find the info I needed, so I used my network and got her email (which led to finding her Facebook page).

Why did I need them? Well, these cookies contain ingredients to help increase milk production. The girls have a weight check later this morning that requires them to drink more, so I wanted all the help I could get my hands on.

Beyond that, these cookies are delicious. The texture is thick and the chips hold their “crunch”. If you won’t eat the whole bag by day 5 (1-2 in morning then again in evening per day), put it in the freezer. From frozen, 5 seconds in the microwave makes them taste like they just came from the oven…a sweet touch.

UPDATE! After posting, my friend asked me the more important question. Did they work? I believe so. Since I am trying to nurse and pump as much as I can, it’s hard to completely tell; however, the babies both gained plenty of weight to make the doctor happy today!

You can get your own via Prices start at $15 for 20, and she ships around the country (not just here in Pittsburgh). Shipping is speedy, but I didn’t love that my post office delivered them to our porch while we were away from the house on a hot day. Luckily we needed to go home for something and saved them from melting…not sure if they would have, but keep that in mind when you know they are shipping.

All opinions are my own…I bought a set of the cookies then Monika added some samples, too. Enjoy!

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