Missing the Beach

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Right now, this very minute, Greg and I are watching the Coastal Carolina football team play North Dakota State. Just like with any college game, there are appropriate area-related commercials. The most recent was a gorgeous video about visiting Myrtle Beach. So now, added to my list of things to do today, I’ve added “missing the beach”.

Sure, we love Pittsburgh, but some of our hearts are still in the sand and salt of Myrtle Beach. Especially on days when it is pouring down snow.

It was always my dream to live in Myrtle Beach. As a kid, I used to write novels on notebook paper. Spending a summer working and living in Myrtle Beach was the main focus of my writing. It was not a lush life that I wrote of, but one being a lifeguard living in a single-wide trailer in a senior community.

When I got to live there for three years, I thought my dreams (on an upgrade) were going to come true.  One cannot help but be drawn into the life of a beach bum as they wake up, smell the sand, and have sun on your face. Even going to work was not a pain. I knew the ocean was right there when I needed the healing of the waves. Life is slower at the beach. It is not so “must happen this minute” as it is here. People are kinder and more roll with it. The sun. Have I mentioned the sun?

As the years wore on, I realized living at the beach was not a vacation, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle I enjoyed, but could not keep up with as I started my ‘lil family. When one lives in a tourist area, there are things to do in the summer but not as much in the winter. There is a price to  pay for demand (give me $5 per pound lunch meat any day, thanks!).

Sure, it was great to live there, and one day we hope to live there again. For now, I’m content with spending days dreaming about warm weather and planning vacations back at the beach. The water never looked as blue as that commercial showed, anyhow. At least that is what I think.

Myrtle, I’m “coming home” soon, and bringing my ‘lil Burghers and Conway boy back with me. Forgive me when I return to my city. Life is pretty sweet here in Pittsburgh, too. 

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5 thoughts on “Missing the Beach”

  1. As soon as you go home, take me with you!!! I’ve only been to Myrtle Beach once and that was when I was 7 or 8 so needless to say I don’t much remember the experience. I’ve been having a hankering for the beach, sun, and ocean for the past couple of months so I feel the draw, too!

  2. lilburghersIf only I could come!! That would really be something to look forward to and enjoy 😀 Thank you for the invite though!

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