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Every night before bed, we make it a practice to read with Lil Miss A. She’s always been opinionated and independent, so it is no surprise that she MUST pick her books (just prepping her for Self Selected Reading, right?).

For Valentine’s Day, my parents got her a set of books about manners, “Please & Thank You”, “Let’s Share”, and “Excuse Me!”. While she has tons of books to choose from, including all toddlers’ favorite, Dora, consistently for the past week she has picked a manners book. Not that it is a problem to have a kid who likes to mind her manners, but it’s sort of mind-blowing how addicted to playing nice she is!

This reminds me of how A loved to say “Please” since just after she turned one; however, she only recently really learned how to say please when she needs something. She would say “thank you” to get something, and “Thank you” when she got that something. She’d randomly say please with no exact reasoning, and she loved to say it.

When anyone burps, she makes sure they say “Excuse Me”, even if Evan’s the culprit. If she needs to get someone’s attention, she knows “Excuse Me” is the ticket.

Sharing is something that we were worried she may not pick up easy–it’s hard to teach an only child how to share with nobody. When E came into our lives, she suddenly had to share. ‘That’s my bed! That’s my boppy! That’s my teether!’, she would say. Typical A style, everything was ok. She embraces being a big sister, and has been so willing to share.

This beginning of her journey makes us pretty proud parents. It’s so sweet to see a child who loves to read want to read about lifeskills. How awesome!

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