Mexican Lasagna

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If you haven’t noticed, I really like cooking casseroles. They are my quick, easy go-to dish after a long day at work. Tonight, Mexican Lasagna is the casserole of choice. It’s been a long week, so I am going to give you a list of foods to have on hand and a slideshow of what it took to make it. As always, enjoy!

Mexican Lasagna

Spray an 8×8 pan with cooking spray.
Brown 1 pound of ground meat.
Add taco seasonsing to the drained ground meat (returned to pan).
Add salsa (I used homemade…) to the taco meat.
Place an 8″ tortilla in the 8×8 pan.
Top tortilla with refried beans, taco meat, & cheese.
Sprinkle with hot sauce.
Top with another tortilla.
Repeat 2 times.
On 4th tortilla, spread some salsa on top and sprinkle with cheese and hot pepper rings.
Cover with foil and cook 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven.
Remove, allow to cool.

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