Metro PCS and the Samsung Galaxy Mega

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Disclosure: I was provided with a phone and one-month of service in exchange for this review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Just before I went away on Girl’s Weekend, I got a gorgeous new tech gadget – the Samsung Galaxy Mega. It was perfect timing, because I had plenty of time to figure it out. Along with it came one month of service from Metro PCS, so you know I plugged that baby in and got ready to have some fun.

First, the basics about Metro PCS. Have you felt chained down by your phone contract? Many people have, and Metro PCS is an alternative to being locked in to a plan. They’ve got a $40 monthly plan that gives you unlimited data, talk and text – taxes included. (Are you swooning? Me too.) There are other plans if you want your data to be at 4G LTE speed, with the top tier being $60 per line. But wait, you can save $5 per line when you add your friends and family.

I live in a metropolitan area, so I had pretty good coverage. In my office, however, I had a hard time connecting to make calls. Also, during my drive to South Carolina, there were several times the data dropped off the network and the phone was useless (except for scrolling through silly photos from the trip). Bummer, but in the end, a blessing. You see, the data dropped while I was using it to navigate and it made us semi-back navigate to a safer portion of an icy mess of a road. Without this blip, I can truthfully say I am not sure if Missy and I would have made it to South Carolina that day. So, I can speak for coverage in Pittsburgh and Myrtle Beach – it’s covered and no issues. Outside the metro areas, coverage was limited but no worse than coverage was in those areas say even three years ago.

Other features of the service include:

  •          Keep your current number
  •          Phone refunds if you are not satisfied
  •          No annual contract
Samsung Galaxy Mega
Source: Metro PCS

As for the phone I was sent, the Samsung Galaxy Mega is a phone I am really sad to part with. When I opened the box, I about freaked out because this baby is HUGE. I quickly named it the “Phablet” (phone/tablet) and “Monster” – both loving names, I SWEAR. Greg has some decent back pockets, and at 6.3 inches, this phone was a pocket filler.

My kids with the Mega
My kids with the Mega

The upside of a huge phone? As it states on the Metro PCS website, “everything is bigger, brighter and more engaging”. It’s true. With the Galaxy features that so many people love plus a large, bright screen, there really is no match. My kids loved playing games on it. I loved reading blogs and pinning my dreams. Everything really came more to life in the palm of our hands.

Besides taking up a good amount of (flat) space in my purse, the only other downside of the Mega is the camera. It’s got an 8 MP camera whereas my S4 has a 13 MP. Picture quality is definitely something I am looking for in a multi-tasking world these days.

But it didn’t stop Missy and I from capturing some memories on our road trip!


With phone and plan prices like this, I’d say Metro PCS is going to be a contender in the no-contract phone world. If you’re in a metro area and what to get out of your current contract, head on over to check out Metro PCS and give them a try.

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