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It’s been a crappy few weeks in my world. Crappy as in…my first migraine, saying goodbye to my Grandma, a trip to the ER, a sick visit/breathing treatments for Arianna, packing, and more. But we are moving past that, and for part of it, I have to thank the ladies of Metamorphosis Organic Spa of Pittsburgh. Myself and three other Pittsburgh Mom Bloggers (love my tribe!) were treated to an evening at the Spa to relax, look good, and feel good. Might I say, it worked.

First of all, one of my peeves about Pittsburgh is parking. Yes, my trip to Metamorphosis Spa started out with a small parking headache. I hate parallel parking in Lawrenceville, but knowing what was awaiting me, I sucked it up and got a spot. It is not impossible just trust me. And well worth it when you walk up to this:

Metamorphosis Spa

I was stunned at the beauty, and I hadn’t even walked inside. When you do, however, you immediately feel an energy from every employee and customer. It was 6:00 on a Thursday evening and the place was full of business. Clients getting their hair cut/styled, yogis coming in for class, and us mom bloggers joining each other back at the beauty bar/pedicure area (which is my favorite part of the whole spa because purple paint, gorgeous chandeliers, and vintage wallpaper that I just had to share).

So serene and gorgeous @spapgh

…and how happy do Nicole and I look in the pedicure chairs?

Source: Rutz Skincare Facebook

I spoke of energy, then post us “sleeping”. We were just so relaxed just by being there. Forget their wine bar,  the serene music, the amazing massage I got on my tired feet (more on that another day), or the other services offered. We were just happy being there!

While we were there, the other mamas got a chair massage while I enjoyed a foot soak and rub (with Rutz Skincare “Oh-So Smoothie” and “Smooth Talker”, available at www.rutzskincare.com –and another post on this organic company whose products are what Metamorphosis uses/swears by). Additionally, we got a mini facial (which used the “Just Breathe” cleanser and “In Your Face” Elixir face spray…ahhhh-mazing).

Can I seriously tell you something about this facial?  I am ready to be signed up for a treatment every single month just to relax in the facial room and have someone else scrub my face. Facials start at $55 and last 45-60 minutes. Additionally…I seriously have not worn makeup the past two days because this made my skin so healthy and happy (will post that photo on my Rutz review, but if you follow me on Instagram, you already have seen the look). Sign me up now.

We chilled in the beauty bar and learned about the services that Metamorphosis Spa offers and I really didn’t want to go home. There’s a yoga studio that’s intimate (about 8-10 people per class) and will start offering kids’ yoga soon. There are two adorable massage rooms with sliding barn doors to open up if you’d like a couple’s massage. And a sauna treatment can be added to your experience for just $5.

Holiday gift? You can so count me in for a trip to @spapgh to relax here. ♡

Seriously, I hope some of my girls or my husband will be on board for a return trip. I am ready, and it’s only been three days since I left. Thank you, Metamorphosis Spa, for hosting us Mom Bloggers!

Check Metamorphosis Spa out on Facebook and Twitter!

Walk in, feel the energy immediately. @spapgh

2 thoughts on “Look Good. Feel Good. With Metamorphosis Spa”

  1. That looks downright heavenly! My boyfriend and I actually talked about doing a couple’s spa day sometime in the near future; he even said he’d get a mani/pedi with me!! Now to just save up money to make it happen xD
    This spa looks like it was WELL worth the trip!

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