Memory Moments

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​It’s day 3 of 30 days of thankful. As I sat with Greg last night (watching game 7 of the World Series), I scrolled mindlessly through my Facebook feed and phone photos. I had a few “memory moments” as I did, and for these today I am thankful. 
Greg and I met 9 years ago yesterday, at (a failed attempt at) a bonfire with Diet Coke and Mentos rockets. Back then, Nurin had long hair and I drove a convertible.

I ran into Canadian guys in an elevator in NOLA last year. They knew George. It was a good reminder of his impact and legacy. Reading it made me miss our First Mate.

Speaking of missing people, I was doing good at Apple Butter this year until Uncle Dave brought the silver out of the kettle. That’s when I could feel Grandma there with us and tears hit my eyes.
apple butter coins
Some big, some small, but all impactful and things I am thankful for today. These memory moments.

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