Meet Chocolate Vanilla

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It isn’t what you were expecting, huh?

Arianna helped me finish out an hour at a Vendor Fair this weekend. As a reward, I let her belly up to the Jar Bar with Pink Zebra. She put white, pink, and red sprinkles in her jar.

She named it after the cookies I also bought her, Chocolate Vanilla. 

This candle in no way smells like Chocolate Vanilla.  It is the most random mix of everything and yet smells and looks amazing.

It tells me we have taught her something.  Everything is better with some mixing. Our backgrounds, skin colors, preferences, faiths…it is all better when we get along and make this world just a ‘lil more beautiful.

Arianna, I hope you continue to cherish the beautiful things in this world half as much as you cherish Chocolate Vanilla.  If so, the future is going to be pretty (stinkin’) awesome.

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