McCafe Moments (from McDonald’s)

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Ah, coffee. My love for it started when I was just a kid (my dad used to give me sips of his, and now I do this with Evan – Arianna has no time for it). But my real love of a a morning coffee about 3 weeks after I got pregnant with Arianna. Just plain, with a little bit of sweetener (the yellow pack). It went away for a few years, then when I started my weight loss journey I picked the habit back up again (go figure).

It’s funny my next sentence includes McDonald’s, but I’m not going to lie – they’ve been a lifesaver the past few mornings. Their McCafe coffees start at the simple, yet delicious coffee and go to mochas (including some brand new ones for the holidays), hot chocolates, and smoothies. Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee goes through a special filtration system and is brewed fresh every 30 minutes. (There’s even a video about the special process to brew it!)

I’ll be honest – at my local McDonald’s, the coffee almost tastes too hot, but that could be the pregnancy hormones talking. At the same time, I was excited to be sent a 12-pack of K-Cups and some ground coffee to test out at home. My thought was that I could brew it and it not bring the burnt taste to my “tender” taste buds. This was the lifesaver part. I could walk up to the Keurig and brew my McDonald’s coffee right there, in my new mug. It was a glorious way to start the day.

McDonald’s also sent me some coupons to try out their food (like breakfast, which did go great with my coffee) and sandwiches (which Greg will enjoy). They even want you to have some joy in your life – I was sent an identical set to the one I was given for one lucky winner. You’ll have until November 16 at 11:59 PM to enter this giveaway, I can’t wait to hear you say “i’m lovin’ it” too. Good luck!

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