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Enter disclaimer text Tonight’s post is thanks to MagicMeeMees.

Amidst the rocking boat of Blogger Bash NYC, I found a toy that I knew would soon become a favorite in my house. Just like my four kids, these are adorable ‘lil beings that have their own emotions and wants.

Magic MeeMees

I’m pretty sure that these toys from Future of Play are going to top wish lists this holiday season. While not available until August 1, the ‘lil Burghers (and I, duh!) got a chance to play with these fun characters who will be available in play sets, characters, and blind bags. Each character has a mind of their own. A push on the head brings them to life so they can interact with you, other MagicMeeMees, their play lands, and food.


Check out what Evan and Arianna had to say about them, then come back here for more information.

You can follow MagicMeeMees on their social channels to find out more as they become available at retailers: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. These toys were a HIT at Blogger Bash’s Sweet Suite and I’m sure they’ll be a hit in your home, too!

Psst! If you don’t want your magicmeemees to be red (angry) all the time, make sure you either buy the matching play set or the foods that go along with their land. There are currently 24 characters and 8 play sets (lands). Also, if you have babies like we do, you can take the arms off and store them somewhere safe so that they can check out these fun characters (with supervision, of course).

You can buy MagicMeeMees on Amazon – click the picture below to get the set we have or click here to get Mellow Manny!

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