Magic Sketch by Boogie Board

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Enter disclaimer text Have a long car trip coming up? The Magic Sketch by Boogie Board might just be the perfect toy to accompany your kids. We’re talking drawing, sketching, doodling, math, and more. My creative kiddos are all about their newest toy!

magic sketch

Your ‘lil ones can draw until their heart is content, then with the touch of a button erase the crystal screen! The features are sheer magic – I’ve tried to figure out how it works and I just have to accept that it’s magic!

The kit we checked out had different tools for writing, stamps, and games to slide behind the clear screen. How about we let Arianna explain what she loves about the Magic Sketch by Boogie Board?

As a mom of creative kids, the Magic Sketch is a win in my book. The pen that clips and the button that erases are my favorite features. Arianna’s loving the see-through screen and many different tools she can use on it. What we didn’t realize when we did the video is that the screen is also water resistant!

Another perk of the Magic Sketch’s transparent screen is that you can slide a coloring book page under it and trace over and over. I’ll let you decide if Arianna did a trace or freestyle drawing here:

This is a must-have toy (listed on Amazon’s Top 100 Toys currently), so head over to Amazon and get your kiddos one before they sell out this holiday season! (MSRP is $29.99 | Ages 3+) What are your favorite features of the Magic Sketch? 

You can find out more about this toy on their website. Find Magic Sketch on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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