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The other day while Greg was getting his Wisdom Teeth pulled, my dad took the kids to visit with their Great Great. They apparently gave her some luck for the slots that evening, because on Friday at dinner, she gave them a small gift thanking them for bringing her luck.

Also at dinner, little Miss A had a tantrum. Out of nowhere, she said, “I want to go back to Pappy’s house.” I told her no, because she hadn’t asked and we really had no reason to send her back home with them. She insisted, and began to cry. Then she banged her head on the table and clung to my dad’s arm. She turned to G and asked him, “Please, Daddy, can I go to Pappy’s?”, and it was the saddest thing ever. My dad said sure, my mom said sure, and Greg said sure. So there I was, having to decide if I was going to be selfish bad-cop and tell her no, she was coming home to be with Mama. That kid has us wrapped, though, because I caved, too.

That got Greg and I asking each other, “Are we that awful that she wouldn’t want to be at home with us with all of her toys, shoes, books, babies, brother, mom, dad and dog?”. We surely didn’t think so, so when we got to my Grandma’s (post-dinner), we asked my parents. Of course they said no, and that they love having the chance to spend time with her. My dad brought up a good point–soon enough that kid is going to want nothing to do with any of us, so we need to cherish it.

Yesterday morning, the house was so quiet without our little princess. G, E, and I snuggled in bed for hours, wishing she was there, but glad she was having a good time. It’s good that she can get one-on-one time while Evan is little, it will help with jealous down the road. It gives us time to bond with Lil Man, too.

The fact that our kids have not one but two sets of extremely involved and loving grandparents plus a Great Grandmother is more than luck, it’s another blessing. Thanks Pappy, Grammie, 2 Pop For Sure, Grandma, and Great Great for being such great role models and so active in our babies’ lives!

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