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I’m ending November  (a month of gratitude) with one of the things I am most grateful for, loving. And Loving, too.

Without the courage, patience, and love between Richard and Mildred Loving, what Greg and I have would be illegal. We would be hiding our family, or might not even be us at all.

Not familiar? This couple won a Supreme Court case against Virginia (1967). It was a landmark civil rights case that made interracial marriages legal. More so, it protects children of marriages like ours (and Greg’s parents), from being illegitimate and having no rights as heirs. Basically, it gives us the ability to be us. 

On Friday, we got a chance to see a limited release showing of the movie of their story, Loving. We don’t treat ourselves to movies, but this one was worth it. And even though I was tired and coming down with a cold, I was grateful to hold my man’s hand and that we could wipe each other’s tears openly in public.

It meant everything.

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