Loving Our Scars

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The other day, my ‘lil cousin Dana posted something on Facebook that is something that absolutely all of us (women and men) should take to heart:

You know when I think about it scars, blemishes, and stretch marks are such beautiful things. We are born blank. Like a canvas. Nothing to show what we have done. But as the years go on we get bumped here, slam in to that. The freckles on our faces and arms show we saw the beautiful light of day at a time or another. The stretch marks show how we have grown. We remember most of the reasons we have all of these markings. So they are beautiful little ways to tell our story. The story of us. How we painted our canvas. How we lived. It shows that we actually did something with our selves. It shows the beautiful and not so pretty parts of everything, how it is all a part of you. You are just making some beautiful memories and showing your story.

I am thankful for Dana sharing part of her story by this post. She’s a brave young woman with a whole life ahead of her. What she, at 15, understands as evidenced by this post is something it takes many of us a lifetime to even scratch the surface of.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some self-admiration to go do, thinking about my story. How about you?

My scariest scar
My scariest scar

2 thoughts on “Loving Our Scars”

  1. I honestly can’t believe that beautiful, heartfelt piece of wisdom came from a 15 year old! She is truly wise beyond her years and a very special individual with a very special life’s journey 🙂

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