Love People, Give Them Food

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It seems like a double standard to want to live happy and healthy but yet to indulge. I’m here to tell you, life is all about balance, baby. If you love people, give them food. And may it be good food.

Like the things I’ve bought, made, ate, or shared with others this week. It’s been a LOVELY food week. Sorry that you’re sure to leave this post hungry.

Pinot Noir, caviar!

Wine Dinner at Atria’s, O’Hara Township

No filter needed. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Robinson’s Greenhouse and Farmer’s Market, Kittanning

Yum. #cupcaketruck

StudeCakers Cupcakes, Ford City / Kittanning

Aren’t you glad I warned you? Plus, I spared you of about 50 other awesome eats that I gobbled down all to quickly. You’re welcome. *wink*

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