‘lil Man’s Big News

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My mom got ‘lil Man a big present while we were on vacation–Thomas and Star Wars underpants. He’s been trying hard to tell us when he has to go (the best attempt thus far had been him telling me he had to in the pool and then fighting me to go on the big potty and peeing on the floor mid-move).

Tonight, we had to pause the game so Greg could witness (and then document) this after Arianna came to us yelling that ‘lil Man had to potty:

[‘lil Man] has been showing interest in the potty for some time now but all trips have been short lived and uneventful…until tonight. He pulled off his pull-up and came out saying “Owwwann potty” like usual but this time, he got on there and immediately started pushin till he popped out a poop!! He was so excited, he really wants to start wearing those big boy Thomas underwear that Grammie got him!! So proud!!!

Way to go, ‘lil Man! I have a feeling that Thomas is going to be your new best friend. 😉

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