‘lil Man 21 Months

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Yesterday, ‘lil Man, you celebrated 21 months. You got that balloon on Labor Day, but carried it around all evening. You also didn’t want to sleep, so Daddy and I let you hang out with us. There was lots of giggles, snuggles, and watching you explore your world.

In the past month, you’ve grown taller and heavier, but still look like a peanut (and wear anywhere from 12 – 24 month clothes…sorry for the odd sizing, blame Mama for that). Your hair is getting longer and it is almost time for your first haircut, but I can’t let go of those curls before we take a few family photos.

Not only are you growing physically, your vocabulary is so full and your ‘lil deep voice is so cute. New phrases like “go away” and “I snack” let us know the ‘tude didn’t skip you, even if it is cute. You love to sing along with Pappy at church and try to outpreach him.

Watching football is one of your favorite things to do, you yell, “BALL!” anytime it is on TV. Well, that, and play with baby wipes–we’ll tell you more about that when you are a ‘lil bit older. You already know to run to the other parent when the other is either trying to put tell you no or change your diaper. Smarty pants.

It’s hard to believe we are under three months until you are 2, didn’t I tell you to slow down time???

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