Like Wings

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Sometimes, dealing with my anger has a positive impact. On Sunday, I was running behind getting out the door for a run.

I tried to sneak out, but Evan woke up. Greg was visibly irritated that I was awake but not dealing with him, but I need to run when my inhaler is ready. I actually yelled at Evan to hush and I would get him breakfast when I got downstairs, but I wasn’t moving fast enough. Greg had to get up and handle the situation.

Again, I tried to sneak away. Arianna had other plans. She woke up and was cranky from being under the weather. I got crankier and plopped on the couch.

It looked like I wouldn’t be running,  my family needed me.

Greg looked me in the eye and brought me to reality. I needed to get outside.

New shoes, a great temperature, anger, and what Kim defined as marathon muscles pushed me to a 9:49 mile. If you are keeping track, that is 11 minutes less than my first mile ran and 5 seconds less than my Marathon Relay fastest mile.

Like wings.

I flew.

It felt amazing.

And I kept the pace up for the next .3 miles before turning around to head home.

Then I swallowed a small bug and started to overheat. Hello, 11 minute mile. 

Dry heaving due to overheating was next. Swollen throat, thank you Sunday mowers, and eating a ladybug sized bug finished my 3.1.

My wings weren’t so happy at the end, but overall pace was still under my relay pace. Phew.

But that 9:49? It makes me realize how much is possible in this running journey. Can’t wait for the next fastest mile!

Unrelated I ended that night.

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