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With four kids and two dogs (and let me be real, two adults), I’m really not sure why we have so many soft surfaces in our home that are white or light gray. Life is messy in a house like ours – mud, chocolate, spaghetti sauce, and aging dog accidents have left several spots in our home showing it. That is why this year I’ll be giving a few new-to-me products a try: Biz and Kids ‘n’ Pets. Both come from the Scott’s Liquid Gold family…and are now part of ours!

Biz: Saving our Clothes from Stains


Biz is a stain-fighting laundry detergent booster that comes in a powder or liquid formula. What drew me in to give it a try had nothing to do with our kids or pets…but a few white shirts I bought in the fall. Along with battling some continued pains, I’ve been sweating like crazy and at the same time moved to an aluminum free deodorant. Basically, I stunk and my shirt armpits suffered. Laundry detergent alone wasn’t working to rid the yellow.

When adding Biz to the tough to clean laundry loads like my white shirts, I add this booster along with my regular detergent. For tough stains like Greg’s yard work jeans or Evan’s soccer shorts, we straight up replace the detergent with this booster. There is also an option to pre soak these clothes to add to the stain fighting.

As we approach the warmer days of spring and summer, stay tuned to see how we are using Biz on the regular.

Spray for Oops: Kids ‘n’ Pets


All the foot and paw traffic in our house has led to some fairly interesting stains. Spaghetti sauce on brand new shirts. Grass on canvas shoes. Hot sauce on our white couch. Coffee and doggy dribbles on the white living room carpet. All pretty normal in our house but they leave me wishing for a quick fix that doesn’t involve professional cleaning tactics.

Kids ‘n’ Pets is what I’ve been calling the “spray for oops”. It is great at fighting stains on clothing, but we’ve also found it helps attack the occasional dog urine or coffee drips that attack our carpet. It can even help in getting gum or putty off of clothes (I think every kid has done this). 

Wonder what ways our family will challenge the stain fighting power of these products in 2021? What stains are you interested in fighting? We will be continuing to share our experience with Biz and Kids ‘n’ Pets throughout the year.

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