Lice Shield: Review

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Disclosure: I was sent products (Lice Shield) to review in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Arianna has been attending school for three years, and (knock on wood) we’ve been lucky to not have a lice scare so far. (I know, that probably sounds horrible, but with all the dress-up, hugs, and bean bag sitting in pre-school, I’m a nervous mom. As a kid, I had one lice scare, and lucky Jack or I never got it. I say we’re lucky, because I’d honestly probably freak out and shave my own head out of fear!)

Shaving my babies’ hair will not be necessary though, it’s just an extreme. With products like Lice Shield (from Lornamead), we’re armed and ready if the letter “there’s been an outbreak” ever does come home. This line of hair care products to help repel lice is safe enough to use daily to proactively avoid infestation but also to react if we do ever encounter lice*.


“No parent wants to endure the torture of treating a lice infestation; it’s one of the hardest things to do as a parent, so we developed a product that can help keep lice away in the first place,” said Randy Sloan, President of Lornamead, Inc. “Lice Shield not only helps keep lice away, but it is affordable and pleasant on one’s senses.”

I have to agree. When I first sniffed the shampoo, I thought it almost smelled like limes; however, I think that’s the combination of citronella and Lemongrass (among other essential oils). That’s definitely good on my senses. Beyond the smell, it’s functional, touting an 80% repellency rate. There are two products you can use (together or separately):

  • Lice Shield Shampoo & Conditioner in 1 (for use in place of your shampoo and conditioner to prevent an outbreak)
  • Lice Shield Leave-in Spray (which you spray on washed, towel-dried hair, it also detangles and conditions)


While I hope my readers and I never have to use this product line, I’m glad to know it’s out there for us to use. At under $10 per product, it’s affordable and something you can find at many mass retailers and drug stores.

*Note: Lice Shield is not used to treat an infestation, but to prevent it in situations like when a student in your child’s classroom has it. It is safe and gentle to use daily (for the whole family) if you’re concerned that lice may be an issue at your school, or if your child is headed out to camp or a youth retreat. Please use it to reduce the risk of infestation. 

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