Let Me Out

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Being stuck in the house the past 4 weeks + 18 days before that have driven me stir crazy. This Mama is a go-er. A do-er. So it should be no surprise that my body and brain have been screaming, begging: let me out.

When you have been healing from a major surgery that the incision re-opened causing you to have to see a home nurse each day to be repacked, you scream it: let me out.

When your small town doesn’t have a Starbucks and the Internet is full of reminders of a BOGO deal on a new, yummy drink, you yearn: let me out.


When your trips out of the house have been to the hospital, doctor, and once to the grocery store, you can’t help but repeat: let me out.

When you hear all about some big running event in your city and you haven’t been allowed to run in 8 months, your body cries: let me out.

When you are walking around like a zombie, complete with spit up filled hair, you beg: let me out.

Today, I was so thankful to a dear friend who came to my rescue and let me out. Sure, we took all the kids with us and got haircuts, Starbucks, and dinner…but I got so much more. I got out. Out of my feeling of being helpless and caged in. Out of my frustration at the sun shining and me feeling gray inside because I can’t enjoy it the way I want to. Out of my fears of being an inadequate mom because of my babies’ slow weight gain. And out enough to let my husband sleep just a ‘lil longer than usual to prepare for a busy work night.

And now? My next let me out is going to have to not take so long to admit that I need it.  

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