Latent Labor, Adoption, and Making it to December

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Stressful cannot even begin to describe the T’s and D’s we’ve overcome as a family this past week. After Thanksgiving, sure enough, the turkey gave me contractions. Two trips to Magee in one weekend showed I am not progressing, so it is contraction city until my water breaks. On top of that, all three of us caught a nasty cold. Thank goodness Ari bounced back pretty quick. Tomorrow is the first hearing in the adoption process (to make Greg legally her father even though we all know he has been since day one). Just a tad stressful when you are 37 weeks along, contracting, and can barely breathe (thank you to no medicines but tussin). Regardless, our love for each other, family support, and faith (prayer is powerful my friends) have got us through and we are just under three hours from holding off for a December baby. Continued thoughts are appreciated, and we will continue to give thanks for our blessings. Cannot wait to post the “this time it’s real!!!!!” post and status updates!

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