Last Day of Head Start

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Last Wednesday was Evan’s last day of Head Start (year one – we haven’t made solid plans for next year, but he’s back in the program if he wants to be / if it fits with our schedule).

He’s not as photo happy about school photos as Arianna is, so we have to go with what we get with him. Like this:


See? Sigh. His feet were hot and I was torturing him, go figure.

This year, Evan has grown up so much:

  • He can write his first name, sometimes the “right” way with a “Big E, little v, a, n”.
  • His personality is shining through. Don’t call him Sugar Bear, though, or he’ll curl up into his shy ball and say, “that’s not nice to call people names”.
  • He asked to cut his hair.
  • He is learning responsibility and consequences.
  • He is reading some words.
  • He knows how to count to 30, but almost always skips 15.
  • He knows his alphabet and can recognize almost all of the upper and lower case letters.
  • He recognizes (and can describe) shapes.

Way to grow, Evan! Love you forever, like you for always.

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