Friends and Lanterns

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Enter disclaimer text Our attendance at Lantern Fest PA was one such opportunity.

My eyes are still tearing up every now and then thinking about our night at Lantern Fest.

Lantern Fest PA

First, Greg ended up getting to go with me because the date changed. Yay for semi-date nights. Us married couples need relationship builders, you know?!? 

Second, my best friend Missy and her husband Tom got to join us. I was over the moon – we’ve been overdue for time together (although it did make me want to pack bags and go camping). Greg and I are so blessed to have these awesome friends in our lives.

Praying for a lifetime of love & happiness for you, friends.

Third, the kids. They loved having time with the four of us and the four of them. They explored the dirt track with Daddy and Uncle Tom, raced on an inflatable race, and helped Aunt Missy and me make amazing s’mores.


They got it, connecting with the lanterns going up into the night sky. Evan even decorated his with the name of a friend from school which made my heart all into pieces.


And the girls? They were calm throughout the evening, finding zen when the lanterns went up into the night sky…though it could have been the lyrics to “To Where You Are” (Josh Groban) or “Tiny Dancer” (Elton John) that did that, too.


Because if you’ve ever heard “To Where You Are” + you’ve lost someone you love + you are lighting lanterns? all.the.tears

To Where You Are

We are all so glad we got to take in the Lantern Fest here in PA, and hope it could become a tradition for us.



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