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When I was in high school, taking a second language was a requirement for only two years. At this point, I probably know as many words in French (my language of choice) as my kids know words in Spanish and Chinese (thanks to popular kids’ television shows). But I am never afraid to flex my language muscles when giving the kids reminders to say please and thank you by asking them to say it in French or Spanish. Recently, I took the big kids on a language adventure as we read two new books by Abigail Samoun.

The pair of books from the Little Traveler series by Samoun we were asked to read and review were “How Penguin Says Please!” and “How Tiger Says Thank You!”. Both take readers around the world teaching them how to say “please” and “thank you” in seven languages (plus English). There’s the more common French and Spanish, but also included are Russian, Arabic (another semi-familiar language in our home due to Greg’s faith), Hindi, Mandarin, and Japanese. Samoun is kind to parents in providing the pronunciation guide for each language, too. (I am so thankful for this because sometimes I guess and sound like a fool, dhanyavaad, Abigail!)

Not only do the books take children on a language adventure, but illustrator Sarah Watts has drawn scenes from the countries along the path of the animals’ travels and a map to put a geographical lesson spin on the read, too.

Both books are produced by Sterling Publishing and retail for $6.95. They are board books and I think that they would be great gifts for any child ages 0-6. “Onegaishimasu” check out How Penguin Says Please! and How Tiger Says Thank You!, “Arigato”! (Please and thank you in Japanese.)

How Penguin Says Please
Source: Barnes and Noble
How Tiger Says Thank You
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