Knolly Nibbles and Kindness

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Disclaimer: I met the Knolly Nibbles team at Blogger Bash NYC. Although I received a product at their booth, all opinions in this post are my own.

knolly nibbles app

Knolly Nibbles and Kindness

It’s no secret that we’re raising a “different” family around here. We’ve only struggled once or twice with our kids feeling that they are “different”; however, I’m sure that as they get older, this will come up more often. When I heard about Knolly Nibbles at BBNYC, I knew instantly that this sweet creature would be part of our lives.

Knolly Nibbles is a “little mouse born without a tail but a big heart and two heart shaped ears” ( She is different; however, if you read her story, you’ll get all the feels that I did as she works through her feelings of trying to fit in and realizes she is special and that’s a good thing.

Knolly Nibbles

Her message, to love ourselves just the way we are, is so important for the kids and us adults, isn’t it? Being kind to ourselves and others goes a long way.

Getting to Know Knolly Nibbles

I got to know Knolly via the book, “A Tale of Tails for Knolly Nibbles” and bring it home to my kids. They, like me, love her big eyes and heart shaped ears…and more so…her spirit. There’s more, though! Knolly Nibbles is a book, plush character, and as of today, an app!

A little more about this app, available on the App Store today:

It’s an INTERACTIVE story of little Knolly Nibbles who is born without a tail and heart shaped ears, Knolly wonders why she is so different and longs for her own tail,  she goes out on an imaginary adventure to find the perfect tail, before she realizes she IS special just the way she is!  Its a simple but effective “TALE of TAILS” that educates kids young and old about self acceptance!  A GREAT Message!

from the Knolly Nibbles team

If you and your children would be touched by this story, please head over to follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or pick up the app today. xoxo Most of all? Be kind.

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