Holiday Curls with Kiss InstaWave

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I’ve been meaning to share a new product with you, and after checking out my limp, lifeless hair in a photo from last night’s holiday party, I have to get this post out ASAP. No, I didn’t use the KISS InstaWave to do my hair, but I should have at least given it a shot. The reason I’ve been holding off on the review is that my hair just doesn’t like to cooperate, but it’s time to show you what I learned.

KISS is a beauty product company that makes it easy for busy folks like me to amp up their natural beauty. The InstaWave is an automatic curling iron that frees up one hand for you multi-taskers. Watch this video to see what I mean:

It looks easy, right? Well, I’ve got to be honest. It wasn’t really easy for me. At first, I was super worried that I would twist my hair up and be left with short hair (reminiscent of my pregnancy with Evan, eek). But it doesn’t get tight to the point it pulls. I am sure that this is a product that actually does what it is intended to do, but my hair just simply hates to cooperate. I had it on as hot as it would go (which was safe enough to use on Arianna and even Evan who helped me out with photos), but my hair just doesn’t like to wave. Boo!

Arianna wasn’t scared, and her hair is similar to mine, fine but some natural waves. I think it gave her a cute “boost”, but this isn’t something we’ll be using all the time on her young hair.

The process…and then the result:

Just because our hair wasn’t the right fit for this curling iron, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I’ve NEVER been successful with curls, but always want to try. Both Arianna and Evan had gorgeous curls (Ev still has his) and I am super jealous. But I am sure that if the curls stick around, he’d be wishing he got my genes instead and shave it all off like his Daddy does. (Hopefully there’s a girl in my belly that will love the Willis curls!) If you’d like to give the KISS InstaWave a try, you can grab it over on or at Target (MSRP is $59.99). Find out more about KISS and their products by visiting them at

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