Kid Bullies

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running mom
Me, post run!


It is a steamy evening in this ‘lil suburb of Pittsburgh. An evening when I needed to go home, get a workout in, and be done with another Wednesday.  But, kid bullies got inside my head and frustrated me.

First, a few weeks ago while I was training for the Half Marathon, one of the neighborhood hoodlums yelled out to me, “Way to go, Fat Runner #42!”. This irritated me a bit, but I kept on going. I wasn’t going to let some kid (who was just sitting on his porch) tell me what kind of runner or person I am.

Fast forward to this evening. Today was a weigh-in day, and I am (not kidding) 0.2 pounds away from having lost my 100 pounds. Couldn’t even shake that off. When I met with my dietitian, we set a nice, accelerated goal for the next two weeks, getting me below the 100 and into a new “10”. So, it was clear to me that there will be no “phone in, take it easier” workouts these next few weeks. Across my Pinterest came this nice “100 Workout“:

100 Workout


It was a good butt kicking, lemme tell you. So, it’s about 90 degrees in our house, and I had on short running shorts and a tank top, not thinking about the whole running 10 minutes outside. When I hit the porch, I saw the neighborhood announcer outside, so decided I’d do my ten minutes in the back alley (bonus points because it has hills). No sense giving the kid bully fodder.

At 8 minutes in, I heard, “Hey, you, why do you jiggle?”, but I kept running. The question continued, “I asked why you jiggle, huh, why do you jiggle?”. I turned around at the end of the block and went back, right into the question, “Why do you jiggle?” The ‘lil kid (about 10 years old) met my eyes and asked again, louder, “WHY DO YOU JIGGLE?”. I knew there were so many things I could do, so many things I couldn’t do, and I chose to keep running and ignore these taunts. My ten minutes were just about up, but he got in my head for those last two. I ran .8 miles, 12:33 was my pace (yuck)…it would have been in the 11 minute of my new normal pace, but I let him win.

When I got back to the house, I told Greg. Being my protector, he decided to take Shadow for a walk and seek out the hoodlum, the kid bully. Lucky for all of us, he wasn’t outside. He wasn’t going to do anything to the kid, but ask to talk to his parents. That should have been me taking action, trying to change things. 

Because kid bullies shouldn’t be allowed to treat anyone like this.

Because this kid bully is going to end up being a senior when my daughter is a freshman and he’ll surely bully her–maybe for having a mixed brother and dad, or for her own jiggle.

Because this kid bully could be my kid one day, mis-treating other kids.

Because everyone deserves respect.

Because hell yeah, I jiggle. But I also run and sweat and eat healthy and have lost 99.8 pounds and am doing so many things to not jiggle anymore.

Haters, kid bullies, get off my lawn and out of my head, mmm k?

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