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Enter disclaimer text This post, Keep Her Safer, is one such post.

Name a woman, any woman. Why did you pick her? I’m going to guess because she’s important to you. And because she’s important to you, I’m going to guess that (if you’re like most people I know), you’d do anything to defend her and keep her from getting hurt, yes?

But what about when she’s out and about on her own? Not that being a woman is a weakness, but sometimes we women do need to protect ourselves. Since Greg and I have decided the combination of my past, my Irish temper, the world we live in, and the kids do not equal a good idea for me to carry, he had to find a way to “keep her safer”.

keep her safer

I was introduced to Finder’s Keypurse, a product I thought was simply a great way to not lose my keys in the large bags I tend to carry. What I didn’t realize was that this product is not only a timesaver, but also could be a lifesaver for a woman in distress.

Perhaps I need to grab my keys fast because it’s raining and I have the kids with me. With my Finder’s Keypurse, they are right there, ready to be used. Or maybe I’m leaving the office in the late evening and the walk to the garage is a little shady. My keys are ready and easily grasped.

finder's key purse

But I’ve taken it one step further than just having the car keys there. I’ve started to carry a pepper spray, part of the Isn’t That Clever Keep Her Safer line. Why pepper spray? It’s a great way to be prepared (self-defense) and could literally save my life.

It’s a sad fact, but I don’t always feel safe while running on the trail behind my house. A few months back, a thirteen-year-old was beat up by bullies just a few blocks away. It’s a known fact that my town has other issues which also end up on the trail, too. Running at the hours I usually need to isn’t so fun, especially since I’m still working on getting my speed back. Having my pepper spray with me has definitely helped put me at ease.

pepper spray

I suggest heading over to Isn’t That Clever and checking out not only the Finder’s Keypurse but also the Keep Her Safer line. For less than $10, you can put that important person in your life in a little bit of a safer position.

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