Just Another Thursday

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Today is just another Thursday. It’s been a busy week of work and play and VBS, and we’ve just about made it through to another weekend.

Crazy how time flies these days. The weekends, always faster than ever, right?

Last night, our cell phone service was down. This isn’t usually a problem, but Greg and my brother were off buying things they need for the fence building that is taking place this weekend. There were questions that needed answered and my bars just glared at me in emptiness. Instead of taking the time to be thankful for the blessing, I got upset and took to the Twitters. Sigh. So many books to read, words to write, and there I was complaining about undistracted time to do them.

But anyways, it leads to the fact I wanted to share this sweet photo of Greg and Ava with you this week. It was taken last weekend while we were shopping for things we need to can his garden goodies. Ava still loves being worn in her ring sling, but she wears best with Daddy. Isla and I are working on her getting calmed down enough to enjoy it. It’s a process with our wild child, I tell you.



Tonight’s a tiny break in the hustle and bustle – Greg and I are headed out to a special place in my heart, Emelia’s Garden (which I know better as Friendship Garden Tea Room). ┬áIf you know what I am talking about, tell me what was your favorite memory at (or around) the restaurant? Anyone know mine?

Next thing you know, Ava’s granddaughters are going to be telling stories of their Great Grandma like I am sure I will be telling stories of my Great Grandma to Greg tonight. Life is short, Heaven is forever (just a little reminder). Spend your moments and days in things that make you happy.


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