Jungle Crew Lab Set

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We’re kind of a family of dorks, so it’s no surprise that Evan loves the GeoSafariĀ® Jr. Jungle Crew Lab Setā„¢ from Educational Insights. The Jungle Crew Lab Set allows him to explore science concepts (with mom and dad’s help) without realizing he’s learning STEM lessons.

Jungle Crew Lab Set

We started out by simply learning how to use the tools, and gave him (and Arianna) some time to explore them using water in the bathtub. Our next steps are to use the included activity cards to blow up balloons and make mini lava lamps (plus 8 other activities!).

The Jungle Crew Lab Set is available at EducationalInsights.com for $29.99. It is recommended for kids ages 3+ (and does need some adult supervision).

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