Jammie Day

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This morning, A was supposed to wear her pajamas for school. It’s the second time this year, and I expected her to be excited.

When she woke up, I asked if she was staying in her pj’s. “Nope. I need clothes.” I didn’t force the issue, and we went about our morning routine.

While dressing, I asked again if she was sure. “Yes, I want jeans and a shirt, just like you.” So, she dressed in jeans and a shirt.

We get to school, and most of her friends are wearing jammies, including the new girl. She takes a deep breath and walks in the door. She looks around. I see the thoughts. I see her eyes not quite meeting mine or anyone else’s.

I’ve been there, so I reach down to hug her. The tears are forming in her eyes. I ask, “are you sure you’re ok?”. She hugs me tight, looks straight ahead, and says, “yes, I am ok”.


A tough lesson learned. Something she needed to know. A decision made, a choice to stick with. Cousin J pointed out that I could have had the clothes in the car, but I did the right thing by not. I taught her. A good mothering lesson.


I hope I can learn from her. The world is cruel, but there are decisions made that we must all stick with. If a three year old can do it, so can we.

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