Jack O’Lanterns

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On Sunday, the kids and I went to the Pumpkin Patch. I had grand dreams of a Pinterest-worthy post; however, my camera, cold hands, and still feeling under the weather had other plans.

The kids, however, enjoyed themselves regardless.




And at the end, they picked out pumpkins to turn into Jack O’Lanterns. Arianna taught me that we’re raising her right. The pumpkins she (they) picked were not by any means pretty, but in her eyes, they were. Spots, ground markings, and all, she loved them lots.

Tonight, we had plans to make the Jack O’Lanterns; however, Greg is not feeling great and my heart is just not really into doing much this week. As Greg and I discussed the plan to cut them or not, Evan made the decision for us, attacking the pumpkins with markers.

“I made them beautiful,” he yelled from the kitchen.



I kinda agreed.

Greg kinda agreed.

Arianna did not. She wanted true Jack O’Lanterns. (We’ve only cut them one other time when we were in Williamsburg two years ago) and painted some that year, too.)

Her demands were met. And now maybe I’ll have Pinterest worthy pumpkin seed roasting posts to share, since the kids really want to eat the seeds.

I think we did pretty darn good for not really wanting to do this, what do you think?


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