It’s Sinking In

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This reality of having twins thing is really sinking in.

It is Week 33 (+4) and these babies could arrive at any moment. But they are Willis babies, so I am still holding out for an April arrival. Regardless, they are prepping for birth.

Currently, there is a dance party / yoga session going on in my belly. It’s crazy to watch and even crazier to feel.

I’m nesting. My work family threw me a super sweet surprise sprinkle yesterday…it happened to be at my Great Grandma’s reataurant  (with new name, new owners, new menu…but still the same place in my heart). I came home with sweet swaddlers, cloth diapers, adorable twinning outfits, books, and a playpen with twin bassinet. Of course, my men had to set up the playpen (Evan was the instruction man) and I had to prep laundry. Nesting is happening.


We went back to the drawing board on boy names. Not loving what we picked out and heart rates in the 140s + babies that refuse to react to the non stress test buzzer had me thinking we’d be naming two boys with names we were just okay with. Now we have a few options…but you almost have to look at a boy and say, yup. That’s his name.

I got a sinus infection late last week and am still suffering. At points I have had no voice. Other than that and constantly having to pee (thanks to my bladder pusher Baby A), I am feeling awesome. Even when getting up from a long sit is harder than usual, I continue to be thankful for my healthiest pregnancy of the three.

Insomnia is still a thing, but I feel in a pattern. That means I should be ready for late night feedings and early morning wakeup calls from my big kids. The sky’s awake, so I’m awake!!!

Bonuses? Greg has off 2 nights in a row twice this week. 24 more hours and we’ve made it to a new month. And it’s time to admit…I really want April babies but have come to grips with the fact my two newest loves could arrive any day now. It’s going to be awesome meeting them and welcoming them home. But I still want to keep them little and to myself for just a wee bit longer!

Next thing I know, it will be week 34. Time sure has flown by!

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