Giving It Works a Try

Disclaimer: I received a product from a fellow Direct Sales vendor to try out. I told her I’d share the results with you on the blog. All opinions are 100% my own.

Over a month ago, I got to meet an “It Works!” wrap lady at a vendor fair. I’ve been struggling with loose, jiggly skin ever since I started my weight loss journey. I him’ed and haw’ed about going over to talk to her about trying out a wrap. When I finally did, she listened to my story about going to Aruba and said she could  help me get bikini ready.

There was no way I ever thought I’d wear a bikini. I couldn’t as a kid (but did) and likely won’t as an adult, but you never know. But here was a chance to give something a try.

We agreed that I’d give the wrap a try then share about it here with you. So now’s the time you can dodge out if you are grossed out by belly photos (cause I kinda am, but promised I’d be honest up in here).

You’ve been told, ok?

So, I took the wrap home and honestly forgot about it for awhile. Then, the day after I decided to do a juice cleanse, I thought “why not give this wrap thing a try?”

It Works Wrap

I got my trusty sidekick to assist me, and away we went. First, I read up about the wrap and armed myself with lots of water. I started drinking it like it was going out of style. I laid out my wrap applicator, got some plastic wrap to seal it in, and whipped out the measuring tape.

I was a solid 33″ around my “waist” which on me is just below my ribs, and 37″ around my belly button.

After spinning around in plastic wrap, I sat in bed for 45 minutes and drank water. Just before I removed the wrap, something didn’t feel right. I felt heavier, puffy. My heart got a bit heavy, I was thinking it doesn’t work and I was crushed.

If you look at my before and after, you’ll see the puffy. I was 33.5″ up top, and 37.5″ around the belly button. Yup, I gained in my experiment. Sad mama!

Collage 2014-05-10 18_40_56

I was really hoping it would work, but I have to keep things real, right? While It Works! definitely works for other people, I wasn’t convinced this time worked for me. It could be that the combination of natural ingredients didn’t like the combination with the juice cleanse of the day before. Who knows for sure, but if I were you, and this remedy to help with toning up is something you’d like to try, I would talk to some other people who’ve done it.

The results are supposed to keep working over the next 72 hours. While I didn’t grab my measuring tape for the trip to Wisconsin, I did snap a few photos of me that showed that just maybe it did tone me up a bit over the next few days. I really had to do a double take at one of Greg and I just upon arrival (which would have been about 48 hours post wrap).

As you know, I’m not a huge fan of quick fixes. I am, however, a big fan of my friends and fellow Direct Sales folks. If you’d like to learn more about It Works, you can check out their website ( or send me a note at and I’ll hook you up with a contact.


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  1. KaylaPotega says:

    I’ve been seeing more and more of these pop up lately on my social media channels and I, too, am pretty skeptical of how they actually work. I’d rather do my losing the old fashioned way-lots of exercise for toning up! 

    Hey, at least you gave it a try though 🙂

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