It Finally Arrived

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On Christmas Eve, I still wasn’t quite in the spirit.

Finding out I dropped a few extra pounds this week then “celebrating” with pizza and good friends helped.

It might have been the winding, slush covered roads and a battle of “should we go to Dad’s church tonight or not” (in which going, but the long way around, won out).

It might have been seeing the light of the kids’ faces and the candles of the service.


Or the fact that Santa pulled off a big win and a big loss (more on both soon).

Perhaps it was our kids starting Christmas day dressed as “Dr. McStuffens” and a waitress.

Certainly it could have been because I know that we were a small part of a few really big, really great things like Stuff a Bus and Christmas Crazy. And that things like that are helping me get over my past.

The Moio’s Rum Balls sure did put a ‘lil happy in Greg and I’s steps, too.


Ah. And then there’s the post Christmas snowstorm, a great quote, and after Christmas organizational tool deals. I was most definitely dancing in the parking lot, singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” tonight.


Whatever it was, the Christmas Spirit has finally arrived. Hallelujah!

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