Isla is His Baby

Evan has made the proclamation. Isla is his baby.


Me and my baby girl and baby boy

When I asked him why, he said it is “because she has light hair, so she’s a boy”. He didn’t believe me, so we had to have a quick talk about how hair color doesn’t determine boy or girl, it’s what we potty with that does. This sunk in, but it was clear that it hurt.

“Why is Isla being a girl a bad thing?” He mulled over my question and responded, “because that means I am the only boy”.

Oh, sweet Evan. We talked through the reasons it is awesome that he is the only boy and at the end, he stuck with the proclamation. Isla is his baby and it will stay that way. He loves her and will not let anything get in the way of that…unless it is making a robot with his big sister then as long as he leaves baseball blanket with Isla, the world is still okay.


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