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This post was written by Mrs. ‘Ski over at Oh Yeah? Roger That! about our joint blog community service project. If you are interested in helping us out, feel free to reply to this post, on her blog, or to We hope you will join us in making Every Cent Count!

Last week was Couponing for a Cause Week. Yeah yeah, I’m a week late. Shut it. If you follow B & G over at ‘lil Burghers, you know they LOVE couponing. B and I have teamed up for many projects in our lives before, but I don’t think any have been so personal for me and so DUH for her.

When the Japan earthquakes occurred, I stalked my twitter feed, waiting for the milspouses I’ve spoken to a few times to post they were ok. I wept. I couldn’t imagine being alone in a foreign country with two children. Oh, and knowing my husband was deployed across the world, unable to console any of us. Unimaginable for me. I’ve mentioned before that I often don’t feel like a milspouse. When I come across situations like the one I just described, I feel guilty. My husband was with me. If there was an emergency, he’s never too far away to come home to console me.

The reassurance that long distance acquaintances and their families were fine took far too long for my pregnant soul, but they came. The US military bases in Japan didn’t sustain any damage and everyone was accounted for. But it made me realize just how tiny my world has become. Because of the uniform my husband wears and the explosion of social media, I now had people across the world who I cared about.

Shortly after the earthquake, one of the milspouses mentioned her involvement in the Coupon Queens Of Okinawa. Essentially, the group is comprised of milspouses based in Okinawa who share coupons. They’re able to use coupons up to six months expired. That’s awesome! I knew I could help these families. Don’t tell G, but I got coupons every week that I just threw away. Why not collect them and ship them over!

And that’s exactly what we’re doing. ‘lil Burghers and Oh Yeah Roger That will be launching our first joint service project (in our adult lives). We shall call it “Operation Every Cent Counts.” We’ll be collecting expired and unused coupons to send to military families in Okinawa Japan. We’ll send our first shipment on June 1. That means any coupons dated 2011 will be useful! Email me (ohyeahrogerthat @ gmail . com)to arrange pick up of your coupons!

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