Influenster Has Relaunched!

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Recently, I joined Influenster, a site that helps you “turn your social influence into rewards”. Right around the time I joined, they relaunched the website and are celebrating it.

You go on the site, review products, and get fun badges.

What I like most: I like earning badges and sharing things with all of my social networks. Soon I’ll be reviewing a beauty box…trying out new things is right up my alley! I also like that I can review products I have already tried out…each review I do is one more “point” toward my ability to review bigger and better things. Gamification at it’s best!

What I am getting used to: Logging into yet another social media site and remembering to see what’s out there for me to do. Sometimes I get carried away with blogging or Facebooking and I forget that there are other sites to check out. Life happens. Other than that, I haven’t really found anything I don’t like about Influenster. Also, you have to “earn” your way to reviews (which I LOVE because I don’t mind doing tasks to make reviews fair, but again, I need to remember to get in and DO the tasks!). You have to read carefully, too!

Keep watching this here ‘lil blog for reviews brought to you from Influenster, or request an invite for more fun!


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