If I Weren’t Afraid #BlogHer13

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I’ve been absolutely positively addicted to Sheryl Sandberg since the day almost four months ago when the Women’s Business Resource Group talked about Lean In. I’ve shared a few things with you on this here blog, and many of you know I got to listen to Sheryl speak in person at BlogHer 13 last week. And some of you have been dying to know what in the world I thought of it.

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Well, of course I loved every moment of it, even if I had read the book and heard a web version of the speech before. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of my ‘lil girl and Sheryl said that “the next time someone calls your daughter bossy, take a deep breath and say ‘my daughter has executive leadership skills”. And I thought about myself, and how my parents primed me to be a leader and how I have all these dreams and things I’d love to do if only I could just Lean In.

This is what I wrote. Sure, I’d love to do it, but I’m not really afraid of doing it (minus the fact I’d have to quit my job and Greg would have to start one just to keep us afloat):

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I even took a picture of myself with it, then posted it in a few places around BlogHer.

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But, is it really what I would do if I wasn’t afraid? No. It’s not what I really and truly want to be doing. Instead, I should have written any of the following:

* Manage a customer call center.
* Manage social media and blogger outreach for a company or a sports team (large scale, do you hear me, Pittsburgh Steelers?).
* Zipline!
* Join a CrossFit gym.
* Write a book about being a pastor’s kid.
* Write a book about losing Wendy.
* Tell the guy across the way that he shouldn’t talk to his wife and daughter like he does.
* Forgive myself for the past.

If you want details on Sheryl’s interview, you can read the transcript here.

Your turn. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? You can share below, or at the Not Afraid Tumblr.

5 thoughts on “If I Weren’t Afraid #BlogHer13”

  1. Your list is excellent. If I were not afraid, I’d write and promote a book on relationships. I’d become a motivational speaker or vlog motivational content. I’d leave my job and find a way to work from home full-time.

  2. If I wasn’t afraid, I’d go out and take portraits of people that I see on street. I’d have business cards made up to hand out to them.  I’d showcase my work on my blog. In short, I’d be a professional photographer.

  3. Awesome!!!  You should connect with Deena at Shining Light in Lawrenceville.  I’ve done some blogging stuff with her re: Mommy & Me yoga classes.  SHe would be a great local mentor!

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