Idlewild Park

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Oh a whim, we decided to join my aunts, uncle, grandma, and cousins for a trip to Idlewild Park. This has to be one of the best parks in the area for ‘lil ones, so there really wasn’t much thinking about if it was the right decision. We were right, for the record.

You already know that we trusted Arianna and cousin A to lead us with the map, but not before we enjoyed a glorious picnic lunch. The park has great picnic shelters that you can rent or claim if they haven’t been rented. We shared a shelter with some random families during the day, and felt comfortable leaving our bags there while we went for a swim. (Note, this is the park where Greg lost his wallet a few years ago. We returned back over an hour after it was lost and it was turned in with nothing missing. It’s that kind of great.)

Yes, we got to go for a swim at the amusement park. No pictures here, but we enjoyed trips down water slides (I finally got over my fear), the wave pool, and Lazy River. It was refreshing to enjoy fun in the water as a family.

In the late afternoon, we headed to Story Book Forest to enjoy a walk around the nursery story book world.

IMG_0284 (Copy)     IMG_0285 (Copy)     IMG_0297 (Copy)

IMG_0302 (Copy)      IMG_0330 (Copy)

IMG_0350 (Copy)

IMG_0352 (Copy)

IMG_0353 (Copy)

IMG_0386 (Copy)

After this part of the park closed, we headed to Jumpin’ Jungle to ride slides, play in a ball pit, and enjoy time climbing and playing. The bigger kids went with their dads on the Log Flume…poor ‘lil Man was not happy to learn he was 1/2 inch too short to ride with them all, but he enjoyed 45 minutes with Mama while we waited.

Later, we headed on the train to Racoon Lagoon. (Park go-er tip, use the train to get from Hootin’ Holler to the kid area!) The ‘lil kids loved that their slightly bigger cousins could ride with them. They enjoyed every last minute of it, but avoided the camera like the plague.

IMG_0555 (Copy)


Once we had our fill on ‘lil kid rides, we enjoyed the Merry Go Round, Tilt A Whirl, Whip, Paratrooper, and Balloons. Lots and lots of spinning.  No veritgo issues. Swear.

Not even the moment when I looked at Arianna, grabbed her arm and told her it was okay, I had her. Her response? I’ve got you too, Mommy. And always our prince, Evan chimed in that he’d make it all okay.

Not even the moment when cousin E got on the Tilt A Whirl with us and knocked the balance off to the point all we did was spin around. 

We survived the park, and ended up being one of the last people out of the park…even after many employees had left for the day. Those are the things loving memories are made of.

Bonus Points on our awesome day? This was Evan’s first trip to Idlewild Park and he back-navigated us home in the dark. “Turn right up here, Daddy!” and “Just ahead, get on the Pittsburgh Turnpike!” He refused to sleep until we got off the turnpike and on 28, just one exit from our house. What a kid, he takes after his Mama. 

3 thoughts on “Idlewild Park”

  1. Looks like an awesome day!  My parents took my sister and I to Idlewild so many times growing up, I can’t wait to take my boys soon and get some pics of them that match up with ones of me.

    1. Definitely do it. Watch for the discount tickets next summer — we went during a time when there were no discounts to be found, but enjoyed it anyways. 🙂

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