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As a former teacher of a four-year-old program and kindergarten, I can tell you that early childhood education is super important. Because of that, I want to do everything I can to support my state’s program to ensure ALL kids get quality pre-k education. The “Pre-K for PA” campaign is dear to our hearts because our kids are reaping the benefits of people dedicated to this cause (THANK YOU!).

Next year, Arianna will be enrolled in kindergarten. She is more than ready, and I have to thank her years in Pre-K for that. This is her third year in pre-k. I’ll be up front and tell you that we stretched our budget for two years and had her enrolled in a private preschool program. While it was a quality program, we really were at the top of our spend limits. This year, she got to enroll in our school district’s “Pre-K Counts” program, a free program to families within a set income level. This program helps families like ours get a jump start on kindergarten.

Evan isn’t left out! Both he and Arianna receive additional programming thanks to a head start home based weekly program. And next year? He’s going to be going to school 6 hours a day with the program.

Pre-K for PA
Source: Pre-K for PA

Did you know that 70% of PA children cannot access high-quality pre-k? To help change this, the Pre-K for PA Campaign needs our help.

Kids can’t vote, so it’s up to us to voice our support for early learning. 2014 is an important election year in Pennsylvania, and we must raise the visibility of early childhood education so that every candidate – from governor on down, understands the wisdom and urgency of ensuring access to high-quality pre-k for all of Pennsylvania’s children.

Here is how you can show your support right now:

  • Smile, snap a picture and share it using the hashtag #IamPreK.

  • Share the above infographic on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Help us pass 2,000 supporter petitions this week. Ask your colleagues, friends or family members to join Pre-K for PA at

We gladly support this campaign. Will you join us?



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