I wasn’t made for this…

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Being the mother of a girl, there are certain things that you will have to experience in your life. One of those things is dealing with hair.

While getting ready today, Ari demanded she shave like her daddy, so I had to let her pretend. Then she demanded I put a ponytail holder in her hair, but she still has really short, fine curls that aren’t tamed easily. Her hair was wet, so it made it easy to pull into two (messy) pigtails (because I don’t have patience).

Just thirty minutes later, they fell out in the wind. This is how she started today’s journey in the Strip District. Luckily, Greg somehow knows how to do hair, so he fixed it before she went about looking crazy. My inabilities to do hair make me jealous…so who wants to come do her hair every morning when the time comes?

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